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How Important is an IAS Officer

Most of the governmental decision is made based in the Indian Administrative Services. All undertakings of the Union Government are run by the IAS officer. You can read the power of the IAS in India from this article. The most critical part of the administrative branch of the Indian Government is the IAS which ensures that there is steadiness in the administration. The Union Government and the Individual State is comprised of the IAS, Indian Police Service, and the Indian Forest Service.

The probation period as the Sub-Divisional Magistrate is the determinant for an IAS to command the whole District as a District Collector. An IAS is required to reach the scale of the Super Time Scale to Apex Scale to be able to head the entire Ministries of the State. The IAS officer can be a representative of the Government of India when it comes to bilateral and multilateral conferences. For your information the IAS offer services to the Intergovernmental organizations and Agencies. During an election, it is the responsibility of the IAS Officer to ensure that there is a free and fair election process.

Here are some of the powers of an IAS officer. Provision of law, order, and the general administration are some of the responsibilities of an IAS officer. A lot of changes usually takes place in the department of IAS. The starting level of an IAS officer is at the sub-magistrate of the sub-divisional magistrate level. The District Magistrate is the highest position in the department of the IAS. At the district level, the IAS has the duty to implementing the development schemes.
The officer is also in apposition to carry out all the Public Sector Undertakings. The IAS officer is concerned with the formation and the implementation of policies in various State ministries. Supervision of the formed policies is one if the responsibility of an IAS officer. The IAS is expected to travel to places where the policies should apply. The service of an IAS is very critical since they ensure that the funds allocated for the implementation of policies are well spent.

The IAS officer is significant when it comes to shaping the policies of the deputy’s office. The IAS administrators are responsible for helping the government to make critical decisions. There is no big difference between an IAS with any other administrator. The daily activities of an IAS may involve reaching the office, checking email, chairing the meeting, attending meetings and many more. The above information give you an overview of the functions of an IAS officer. It is important to note that an IAS officer is also very powerful.

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