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Important Attributes to Look for When Considering What Fantasy Writing Cues to Work From

It is not always easy for a mythical story writer to pick what topic to write about. Fantasy writing prompts usually are helpful in offering solutions to these scenarios. There are lots of these in place and selecting which one to go with could at times prove difficult. The process of selecting a story idea that you can follow through should be one not taken lightly. Before landing on an idea to work with, it is important to think it through in great detail. Here are some things that can be useful when deciding on a fantasy writing prompt to pick.

The first thing you will have to do is to pay some attention to what people are interested in at present. To get the story printed, it might take more than just writing about what interests the writer. It might also be useful in giving you an idea of who your target audience will be and how to reach them. Since there is a lot of competition in almost all genres, knowing what you will be competing against could be useful. You also get an understanding of how to make entirely new and authentic creations that won’t be like those of your competitors.

The criticisms and advice your fans, advocates, your publishing company and commentators give should also figure into whatever topic you decide to pick. You should consider whether the story idea aligns with your storytelling style and values first. A story that sounds way too much like other works you have done before may come to bore your audiences. Picking a fantasy writing prompt that you can only develop in a similar way as a project you had done in the past might make it unsurprising and foreseeable. Look for an idea that will be sure to improve your writing skills and one that you are comfortable with.

Also worth looking into is how well you can handle telling a story about the topic you will choose. Write a possible brief outline of how would tell each of the stories if you picked each of the prompts. This ensures that your plot development doesn’t stall in the middle of the telling and that you will know just how much creative you will need to get. You should also consider how much research into the topic of the fantasy writing prompt you will have to do and what you will have to do to get it done. See the various interesting concepts of magical and technological elements you can come up with when you use the different prompts.

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